Monday, 8 December 2014

PVMA announces protest against gas supply suspension in Punjab

Pakistan Vanasptai Manufacturers Association has announced country wide protest against the suspension of gas supply in Punjab. Atif Ikram Sheikh, Chairman PVMA has shown concern on the suspension of gas supply in Punjab, and said that ghee industry is confronted with a serious challenge of sustainability on account of the energy shortage, particularly gas supply, which is not being provided as per the requirement.

Atif said that there are 43 units of ghee manufacturers in the province of Punjab, out of which 37 are functional, but the supply of gas is completely suspended to them for the last one week. He said that Punjab based industry produces 4000M. Tons/day of quality ghee and banaspati to fulfil the requirement of population inhabited in Punjab, which is 60% of total population of Pakistan. Since last 40 years, the Sui -Gas supply to ghee industry is never stopped, since it manufactures staple food item-ghee and banaspati.

He said that since 2008 onwards in winters only 25% sanctioned load of Sui-gas is supplied to ghee industry to ensure the hydrogenation of ghee for cracking purpose as per requirement of PSQCA. He said that Sui-gas is cracked to obtain hydrogen- a raw material mandatory to manufacture standardised ghee and cooking oil. He said that if gas supply to ghee units in Punjab is not restored, there is likely hood of sever shortage of ghee and price hike.

Chairman PVMA, asked the federal government to restore only 25% of Sui-Gas to manufacturing units located in the province of Punjab to ensure sufficient supply of ghee and cooking oil to the populace of Pakistan and reverse the looming crisis of sever shortage expected in few days. Atif sheikh asked the Government and gas authorities to devise a rational load management plan to relieve the ghee producers during the winter season otherwise ghee millers would be forced to close their units in Punjab and come on streets and protest against the decision. He urged the government to ensure 24/7 uninterrupted gas supply to the Punjab-based ghee mills in line with other provinces.
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