Saturday, 27 December 2014

Mughal Steel signs contract with Microsoft

Mughal Steel has signed a contract with the world's biggest tech giant, Microsoft in introducing AX, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions also known as the next generation business model to integrate new technology into the company's strategic planning for further development of innovative forms of competitive advantage.

While talking to newsmen, Chief Executive Officer, Mughal Steel, Khurram Javed said that Mughal Steel which is one of the leading industries of Pakistan in the steel and iron sector would soon be converted into a Public Limited Company. Mughal Group of Industries prestige spreads over 55 Acres of production unit in the suburbs of Lahore, with an installed capacity of producing 800,000 tons annually, he said.

He said that Mughal Steel has invested Rs 30 million in adopting a futuristic financial eco system in the company that will nourish the operational process in the most efficient fashion. We consider investing in technology as an asset and value addition to our brand equity with a vision to empower the people to anticipate and embrace change so the company can thrive generations ahead. He said that the group has successfully entered amongst the globally recognised enterprises succeeding latest international procedures and practices concerning their business management.

Ensued to the rapidly upward trajectory trends of the company, Mughal Steel by introducing AX Microsoft's ERP solution has fulfilled company's mission to deliver a promising operational control system to compliment the company's trademark-the tradition of quality.

Mughal Steel believes that future belongs to businesses which can leverage technology to capitalise on the opportunities that arise in today's fast-evolving competitive arena. Given the economies of scale of the company, Microsoft's ERP solution would enable Mughal Steel to study micro level insights of the operational and financial transactions recorded from the point of production to delivery, he added.

Chairman Mughal Steel, Javed Mughal stated that through adoption of this system, the company ranks as number one in the domestic steel sector in terms of efficiency, quality assurance and transparency throughout its business disciplines.

In order to achieve optimised operational results; Mughal Steel has not only invested in purchasing the software but has also trained and hired specialised personnel to ensure that the "tradition of quality" is articulated amongst the stakeholders in real terms.
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