Saturday, 27 December 2014

Cold spell & wedding season: prices of chicken meat on the rise

With the advent of winter season in the city, demand and sale of chicken meat has surged considerably, thereby increasing its prices. Shopkeepers said that sale of chicken meat has almost been doubled as compared to other seasons in the wake of its enhanced consumption in the current cold weather.

Moreover, the current wedding season has also increased the consumption of chicken meat, creating a gap between its demand and supply, they added.

Attributing surge in the prices of chicken to its high demand in the last few days, they said that relaters are selling chicken meat between Rs260 and Rs280 per kg in different markets whereas, only a few weeks ago, it was being sold between Rs230 and Rs240 per kg.

However, retailers blame poultry farmers for creating a shortage of chicken in the city.

According to details, Karachiites consume around 400,000 poultry birds daily when the prices are high, but following decline in the prices of live birds, its daily consumption ranges between 450,000 and 500,000 birds.
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