Sunday, 14 December 2014

Artificial jewellery usage on the rise

Majority of women now prefer to wear artificial jewellery in the wake of increasing incidents of gold jewellery snatching in the city. Artificial jewellery dealers claimed that women now show their interest in buying artificial jewellery as under the prevailing law and order they fear for their lives.

Now preference of most of women is to buy imitation jewellery which is not only much cheaper than gold jewellery but are available in various fabulous designs, jewellers dealing in artificial jewellery said, claiming that a large number of women going abroad also prefer to carry some articles of artificial jewellery with them.

The increasing trend of wearing artificial jewellery has, however, increased the prices of artificial/imitation jewellery. Claiming that the sale of artificial has registered an upward trend in the last few years, jewellers said that in view of women's interest in artificial jewellery they have now installed latest machines for manufacturing artificial jewellery in fancy designs.

Moreover, gold and silver plating, which further enhances the beauty of artificial jewellery, had also begun in Pakistan, they said, adding that gold and silver plated artificial jewellery did not fade before five to six years. "In fact, artificial/imitation jewellery business was fast turning into an industry as thousands of people are associated with it directly or indirectly," they added.

With the increasing trend of artificial jewellery, its prices have now increased in the current year as compared to last year. For example, a good quality set of artificial jewellery which was available at Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000 six months ago is now being sold between Rs 5,000 and Rs 6,000. Beside locally-made imitation jewellery, the local market has now been flooded with Indian and Chinese jewellery.
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