Thursday, 29 March 2012

Fruits and new vegetation effect on Post Harvest

by . Hadi Laghari

A False Oleander and Armored Pink Wax Scale

A False Oleander, False Mango and White Mango Scale (Pseudaulacaspis nr. cockerrellli and Aulacaspis tubercularis (Family: Diaspididae)....

B...Armored Pink Wax Scale (secretes honey dew so u can see sooty mold on the leaves) Ceroplastes rubens (Family: Coccidae)......False Oleander/Mango Scale is getting very serious in Pakistan...not too much highlighted but very serious.....

By . Hadi Laghari 

Basic Rule to manaeg Mango Tree after Harvest

by Hadi Laghari

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Farm animals

20 day and 28 day old chicks

20 day old chick

28 day chick 1500 gm

AAS Wheat varity

decision to harvest Sindhri Mango fruit..

take wise decision to harvest Sindhri Mango fruit...again there r two maturity levels "Sea Shipments" and "Air Shipments"....which one is good for sea shipment and air shipment.....later on I'll come to brix levels....external charachertistics, internal pulp color "chart to be followed"..and third is brix level.....There fruit were harvested from the same mango tree "same date & same time" and just look at the be good at harvest "harvest proper mature fruits atleast minimum two times from the tree in special cases 3 times" Just imagine where contractors used to harvest these fruits in one go & so early what will be the result?..........think about it.....haven't mentioned other factors....just the fruit & it's maturity....and the outcomes....

 by Hadi Laghari

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Pakistan and agricultural scientists per million

In Pakistan, there were 44 agricultural scientists per million people during 1988 as compared to 2360, 1400, and 300 agricultural scientists per million people respectively in USA, UK, and Egypt [John Mellor Associates (1994)]. The number of agro-ecological zones,
types of agricultural production systems, and 130 commercial crops that the country’s agricultural research deals with, demands for a much greater number and more qualified scientific staff to be engaged in agricultural R & D activities.The recent number of agricultural scientists and estimates on the level of funding for
agricultural research are not readily available. The research expenditures per agricultural scientist in Pakistan were 8.9 thousand US dollars (240 thousand rupees) during 1980 as compared to 56.4, 30.2, and 21.8 thousand dollars per agricultural scientist respectively in Malaysia, Indonesia, and India. It came down to Rs. 194 thousands per scientist during 1992 in real terms. (Can not have latest figures with regard to agriculturist/million peoples in Pakistan)
by Hadi Laghari 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

agricultural landscape near my city

evening in village near my city chichawatni

canola flowers and seed pods

Radish flowers

sonf infloresence

garlic crop

Ramzan Rafique in Pakistan

wheat crop near chichawatni

dusty road along crops

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Potato story

potato in 3B cold store in standing position

potato in cold store laying postion

potato in cold store in an overfilled cold store
a farmer selection for seed
potato kept under shade before packing

potato in filed (covered with rice straw)

potato in Okara potato market

potato in Mandi

potato buying

potato in okara market

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Straw berry 75 for 250 gm??

strawberry 75 per 250 gm

Strawberry at okara market

kinnow 1 for 15 rupees

Random poultry pics

swelled intestine??

17 days chick

Allah Ho protien Farm Okara

10 day old chicks at our farm

10 th day


way to feed

way to water

10 day chicken drinking water

10 day old chicken

10 day old chicks   


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