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Prices of essential food items remain high 28th Dec 14

<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>Prices of most of perishable and non-perishable food items remained on high side last week as compared to the preceding week, showed a survey conducted by Business Recorder here on Saturday. During a visit to different markets of the twin cities of Rawalpindi/Islamabad, it was observed that prices of some of the kitchen items, including vegetables, chicken, dry fruits and fresh fruits, increased during the last week.

Traders in different markets told this scribe that due to severe cold in some parts of the country and dry weather have badly affected vegetables and fruits production, resulting into increase in their prices. Further severe cold has increased demand of dry fruits and traders have cashed the opportunity. However, people belonging to different walks of life criticised the government for failing to pass on the impact of reduction in oil and electricity prices to general public. They said that significant reduction was made in oil and electricity prices, but rates of kitchen items remained on high side.

It was also observed that prices of some of the vegetables such as tomato, cauliflower, cucumber, radish and Shimla/Kashmiri chilly increased during the period under review. Tomato was being sold at Rs 120 per kg against Rs 70 per kg, registering a significant increase of Rs 40-50 per kg, cauliflower at Rs 60 per kg against Rs 50 per kg, cucumber at Rs 70 per kg against Rs 60 per kg and Shimla/Kashmiri chilly at Rs 80-100 per kg against Rs 70-80 per during the last week past as compared to the preceding week. However, carrot remained at Rs 80 per kg, onion at Rs 40 per kg, potato at Rs 40-50 per kg, cabbage at Rs 45-50 per kg, brinjal (Baigan) at Rs 43-45 per kg, green peas at Rs 75 per kg, okra at Rs 95-100 per kg and garlic at Rs 160-180 per kg without any significant change in prices during the period under review.

Chicken prices registered an increase of Rs 5-10 per kg in different markets of the twin cities and were being sold at Rs 165-175 per kg. However, price of eggs remained unchanged at Rs 120 per dozen during the last week without any changes in prices. During the period under review, increase in some fruits prices was observed, while others remained unchanged. Apple was available at Rs 100-200 per kg, depending on quality in different markets, banana at Rs 80-100 per dozen, guava at Rs 60-80 per kg, orange/malta at Rs 50-80 per dozen and grapes at Rs 200-250 per kg in different markets during the period under review.

Prices of some kitchen items remained unchanged last week as compared to the preceding week. These include vegetable ghee loose at Rs 165-170 per kg, Moong (washed) at Rs 163 per kg, rice basmati (broken) at Rs 80-90 per kg, sugar at Rs 56-60 per kg, cooking oil tin (2.5 ltr) at Rs 520, vegetable ghee tin (2.5 kg) at Rs 505, milk fresh at Rs 95-100 per liter, curd at Rs 105 per kg, Masoor (washed) at Rs 148 per kg, Mash (washed) at Rs 177-180 per kg, mutton at Rs 600-650 per kg, beef was being sold at Rs 380-420 per kg last week as compared to the preceding week.
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