Saturday, 7 July 2012

Thanks for sending Mango from Pakistan

Mango in Netto 9 DKK/1 mango (stored at cool place)
Its not a long time I am living abroad from Pakistan, Its my 3 rd year outside, or you can say 3rd mango year outside Pakistan, But whenever I ate mangoes I  closed my eyes to enjoy the taste of my motherland. Pakistani mango are very special for me and many living abroad, I dont know its susses of Pakistani mango brand "Honey Mango" or the taste of these special mangoes as I have heard people talking about Pakistani mango as these are Honey mangoes. I have talked to few mango importers but they were un-satisfy with its marketing here on local shops as Pakistani mango are being sold at only Pakistani shops. I have come to know in this system shop keepers exploit importer as he had always risk of having losses, (especially in case of vegetables). Pakistani Fruits and vegetables normally reach in Scandinavia by Germany and supplied by road to various places. They normally have some fixed price as bitter guard, pumpkins, okra, brinjal etc at almost same price 30-35 DKK per kg, as far mangoes they have also same price since last 3 years 2 kg packing 50-60 DKK. (In Danmark, in Norway prices are little higher). Due to devaluation of Pakistani rupee every time Pakistan get less profit. I have a suggestion that Pakistani exporter should explore EU market in proper way and should contact big store chains, here are some links

here is link to union of Danish super stores
In my opinion Pakistani exporter should also export some less sweet varieties having better shelf life as available mango here is less sweet in taste and   more shelf life or it could be said in other way as Pakistani exporters should focus other than Pakistani customers also.

Box style should also be addressed, as here normally mangoes are sold by per piece rather per basket in market each mango is sold from 9-20 DKK (I never saw one mango rate less than 8 DKK almost 120 PKR ) 

Mango slice in tin-think on it
Dried mango -Is that difficult to do?
I is just a letter of thanks from a mango lover to Pakistani mango growers, Thanks a lot and keep sending 
DKK 70/box (almost 1085 PKR)
1st day of arrival (gonna over ripened in 2 days)
Ratol -ready to eat
stored in common place in Pakistani shop without cooling system in shop

Story and pics By. Muhammad Ramzan Rafique


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