Saturday, 10 January 2015

Activists protest animal agriculture industry conditions

A group of activists’ claim eggs, dairy, and meat sold in local grocery stores are the products of violence.
Protesters are gathering at Whole Foods on Cambie Saturday afternoon hoping bring awareness to how chickens and other animals you eat, are being treated.
Almira Tanner is with Vancouver Direct Action Everywhere and explains she was disgusted at what she saw after an investigation was done at a farm that sells chickens to Whole Foods and other stores in BC.
She says chickens were on the brink of death, covered in feces, some with their beaks cut off. “The farms are saying that this is certified humane so this is not like your standard factory farm.They are saying that this is the best they can do and it was very violent, so it is showing that violence is inherent to any animal agriculture industry.”
Tanner believes the animals rights movement is a social justice issue. “We do want to make clear that this is not a problem that is limited to Whole Foods, this is a problem with animal agriculture everywhere and any piece of meat or milk or eggs that you are buying in the store or in a restaurant is a product of violence.”
She adds the problem of inhumane conditions in which animals are kept is not restricted to one or two farms, it’s a problem everywhere.

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