Sunday, 25 January 2015

Farmers advised to stop irrigating just-sowed wheat crop

Farmers should stop irrigating just sowed wheat crop keeping in view the expected rain in agriculture plain of the country. "The upcoming rain is beneficiary for all Rabi crops," according to the Met office farmers' advisory, suggesting the wheat crop is in growing stages.

Farmers of irrigated and Barani areas are urged to remove weeds from the fields with a view to help the standing crop utilise soil moisture fully. "Removing weeds from the standing crops is very important as weeds utilise moisture and food which may be utilised by the crop," the office said. The office warned the farmers of yield loss if weeds stayed growing in the fields. "As a result considerable loss in yield occurs every year," it added.

It said farmers should undertake removing of weeds either manually or through using weedicides to get rid of the unwanted plants from their standing crops. Normal wind was expected to prevail in most of the agricultural plains of the country, it said.
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