Thursday, 8 January 2015

OBITUARY by VC Prof. Dr. Iqrar Ahmad Khan, UAF (On untimely death of Prof. Dr. Aslam Pervez)

I am shocked and awed by the unbelievable news of untimely death of Prof. Dr. Aslam Pervez, a long time trusted friend and colleague.   I was told of his ill health late yesterday and I immediately asked Dr. Jalal Arif to deliver flower bouquet on my behalf to his hospital bed and let him know that I shall come to see him first thing in the morning.  He was in hurry…. As if his mission was completed and he did not want me to ask him for another event in the Iqbal Auditorium….  While the flowers were still fresh, Aslam Pervez faded away.  He had been a promoter and admirer of flowers all his life.  Alas, he has left so many flowers mourning his departure.
Aslam Pervez and I had known each other since 1980.  He was a much finer person than his bodily looks.  He was a well read and sensitive human being.  He had a very subtle sense of humor.  He was proactive and helpful individual.  He was bold enough to tell the truth and be a part of progressive thinking.  He had a strong sense of social and cultural bindings.  He has been persistent in discharging his social and personal obligations.  He was an all weathers friend.
During past several years, Aslam Pervez held the office of Senior Tutor in addition to his professorial and administrative duties as Director in the Institute of Horticulture.  As senior tutor, he transformed a little known office into a center of activities on the campus.  The campus has earned more recognition and distinctions during past five years than its entire existence in the past.  All the credit goes to him.  That had happened due to his untiring efforts.  I have seen him working day and night. 
He never came to me for any personal gains.  He would only ask for facilities to the students.  He would share with me successes of his students as if those were for his own children.  We have all seen the way he promoted Rabia Fridi. 
He was proud of his collection of books and literary figures that he had known.  He would bring me books to read.  I never denied any proposal made by him.  I had a complete faith in him.  I wish had lived on and I could have done something better because of him.  I shall have hard time without him.  It is nearly impossible to find a friend of his caliber. 
For students, Aslam Pervez was a father, a mentor and a passionate leader.  He commanded respect among the students and their families.  He has transformed generations.  He has left a lasting mark in the history of extracurricular activities.  Be that a religious event, a declamation, a drama, a musical function, a sports event, a flower show or a community function, Aslam Pervez was equally at ease. His legacy shall live on and on….But, we shall miss him dearly.
Professionally, Aslam Pervez made significant research contribution in the area of vegetable production. He was successful in securing extramural funds and he earned respect among his peers.  Lately, he was very active as Principal Investogator of an Australian program.  I happen to personally visit ACIAR twice in Canberra and found his professional presence.  He ran his institutional functions effectively.  Recently, he was appointed as TTS professor.  His departure is an irreparable loss to the UAF community. 
I on behalf of UAF community and on my personal behalf record our condolences to the family of Prof. Aslam Pervez and pray for his eternal peace.  We will do every possible effort to keep his mission alive.
I am deeply saddened.   Good Bye my friend Aslam Pervez!!

Iqrar Ahmad Khan
January 8, 2015

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