Friday, 30 January 2015

Sugar addiction- A call to death

Before writing something about sugar and its hazards, I want to ask some questions to you. Do you struggle to walk past a sugary treat without taking just one?
If you are restricted to use sugar for 24 hours, do you feel headaches or disturbance? Do you feel that you cannot go on without hitting sugar? If you answer is “YES” it means you are sugar addicted .we often hear a sentence, If someone can die with sugar then no need to give him poison. It is not just a proverb it’s a reality because majority of our society is addicted to sugar. Today we are made up of sugar, sweets and addicts. But sugar is very dangerous for us and refined sugar is considered the most harmful. According to a research, American spends about 23.1 dollars on candies and gums. The average Americans consumes about 27.3 pounds of candies and gums in a weak and they spend about 54 dollars in dentil bill each year.
In Pakistan also, no day is gone without sweets? In Pakistan too, every person is consuming lot of sugar per person per year. The human body cannot tolerate this huge amount of sugar. Due to intake of more sugar, our vital organs are being damaged. You may be shocked to know that refined sugar has only calories but none i.e minerals, proteins, fats, enzymes. So when we are eating something made of sugar body uses the essential nutrients from the vital parts of the body to neutralize the effect of sugar in the body and in this way body becomes deficient of essential nutrients. Those essential nutrients are calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium etc.
We know that ca is a major constituent of bones and it depleted when intake of sugar increases it may cause osteoporosis. More sugar also produces acidity in the body and more minerals are needed to balance.Another aspect of too much sugar consumption is that,if bodydoes not have enough minerals to neutralize then sugar produces poisonous residues.
These residues are dangerous for nervous system and cause the call death. Sugar is also dangerous for our blood it thickens the blood and makes it sticky and this thick and sticky blood cannot make up to the minute capillaries of teeth so it ends with starving teeth. Now a famous disease which I want to discus here is diabetes which is caused by high fats and also commonly known as “sugar”.
Diabetes is basically failure of pancreas to produce insulin to reduce the blood sugar level. When we use more sugar in our diet, it causes rapid rise in blood sugar level. Pancreas becomes out of order due to high sugar level and diabetes then rears its ugly head. Another disease caused by sugar is hyperglycemia. Sometimes due to high sugar level in blood pancreas over react. Due to its activity it produces more insulin which lowers the blood sugar level.So, to conclude of all is to inform you about the hazards of sugar. So, avoid the use of excess sugar, enjoy the life with good health. We will have to be very cautions while consuming sugar to avoid its harmful consequences. We being Pakistanis should particularly need to switch our food habit.

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