Thursday, 15 January 2015

Poultry farmers advised

Chief Minister's Special Assistant for Livestock Department Chaudhry Muhammad Arshad Jutt has urged the poultry farmers to ensure implementation on preventive measures to save their flocks from diseases which included good cleanliness of shades and application of germicides to provide healthy meat to consumers.

These directives were issued by him while chairing a departmental meeting here on Wednesday. He asked the livestock farmers and especially poultry farmers to keep the temperature of their shade from 75 degree Fahrenheit to 80 Fahrenheit. He also advised that farmers should arrange jeans curtains in the shade instead of using plastic sheet as it causes moisture which may cause suffocation to the birds.

He also urged the farmers to ensure entry and exit of fresh air in the shade and also keep little space open while downing the curtains at night. He urged them to use heater to maintain temperature of shade but ensure it there should not be any accumulation of smoke in the shade. He also urged for administering vitamin e to birds in winters and directed the poultry farmers to seek guidance from the livestock's field staff in case of any issue.
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