Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Still Area under Fruit Cultivation is not increasing at Faster Rate Why?

The question arises as to why the development of fruit industry is slow in our country of vegetarishism in spite of above advantages over agronomical crops. The answer lies in the facts that,
1. Fruit growing is a long term venture requiring a high initial investment and high recurring expenditure.
2. Most of the fruit trees are woody perennials with deep roots, which take several years to bear fruits.
3. They require intensive cultivation including specialized methods of propagation.
4. Lack of technical knowledge such as pruning training etc.
5. Poor transport and irrigation facilities.
6. Availability of guinine, planting material.
7. The low purchasing power of the consumers.
8. Lack of cold storage facilities, packing as the fruits and vegetables are perishable in nature.
9. Defective marketing system. Lack of co-operative marketing societies, Middlemen are getting more profit than the growers.

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