Saturday, 29 November 2014

Climate change adaptation: need stressed for evolving agriculture policy in Sindh

Participants of a seminar have emphasised the need for evolving a comprehensive agriculture policy and program to deal with the climate change and food security concerns in Sindh and demanded establishing of a food security authority.

Civil society leaders and agriculturists discussed the climate change impact on the agriculture sector at a seminar on "Awareness of Climate Change Adaptation Mechanism in Agriculture Sector" organised by the Sindh Community Foundation in collaboration with LEAD Pakistan.

Professor Ismail Kambar of the Agriculture University, Tando Jam, said the agriculture sector was neglected even as it was the backbone of the country's economy and lacking food security, agriculture policies and programs. The climate change will leave sever impact on the agriculture sector thus the food security is the key problem in the province.

He said the Punjab Government has taken effective measures and formed the Food Safety Authority and such kind of authority should also be established in Sindh to ensure food security. Suleman G Abro of Safwco said the government should take concrete measures to provide current information on crops and impact of climate change to farmers, There is no such measures are taken at government level to engaged broader audience in developing food security programs.

He said the UN declared 2014 as a year of family farming but this initiative was not adopted at the government level to promote programs for family farming. Writer Zulifqar Halepoto said the state should own the agriculture sector on key priorities because without the agriculture development the country will suffer form the food crisis.

Punhal Saryo of Sindh Hari Porhyat Council said that water was very essential element of the agriculture due to water shortage and illegal connections by the big landlords for thieving the water was marginalizing small growers and farmers. The bad governance in Sindh also damaged the agriculture sector.

He demanded that the crop insurance must be a part of the agriculture. Javed Hussain of Sindh Community Foundation said that Pakistan was very much vulnerable to the climate change incidents and future disasters could damage the agriculture sector but the climate change adaptation mechanism was not seriously emplaced to promote agriculture with climate change resilience aspects. He said the Sindh government should launch policy with the consultation of farmers, small growers and civil society concern should be included.
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