Sunday, 23 November 2014

Prices of dry fruits shoot up

Sale of dry fruits has declined during the current month due to high prices, making it beyond the reach of the common man. According to shopkeepers, winter is the peak season for dried fruit sellers and around 70 percent of the annual sales take place during this season. Every year in the winter season, consumers used to throng to wholesale and retail markets to buy dry fruits, but this year the buying activities at wholesale and retail markets were remained low.

The shopkeepers and venders said the demand of dry fruits would go up considerably in coming cold days. Traders attributed to the low buying by the consumers owing to enhanced rates of almost all dry fruits thus compelling consumers to reduce their daily requirements.

The prices of dry fruits including almond, pistachio, walnut, pine nut, dates, cashew nut, dried apricot, coconut, fig and peanut have been increased as compared to last year, said a vendor. Dry fruits are mainly imported from Afghanistan, Iran, USA and India while substantial variety is also grown locally. Traders said that during the last few years a gradual increase was witnessed in rates of all dry fruits items making it virtually impossible for lower and middle segment of the population to think about visiting dry fruit markets and making choice purchasing.
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