Monday, 18 February 2013

Leaf minor as a detrimental agent to citrus nursery

Tauqir Anwar1, Dr. Muhammad Anjum Aqueel1,3, Dr. Muhammad Afzal, Dr. Muhammad Adnan Shahid1,2 and Dr. RashadMukhtar Balal1,2
1 University College of Agriculture, University of Sargodha, Pakistan;
2 Cornell University, NY, USA
3 Imperial College London, Silwood Park Campus, Ascot, SL5 7PY, U.K.

            Citrus is consider as one of most important fruit tree crop in the world on behalf of its dietary meets and taste so being liked all over the world. The broad term citrus includes oranges, mandarins, lemons, limes and grapefruit. In the list of citrus producing countries of the world our beloved country Pakistan got a great name due to its good quality fruit and large amount of citrus production. Pakistan annually produces almost 200 thousand metric tons of citrus. Citrus is grown on large areas in the cities of Bhalwal, Faisalabad, Layah, Sargodha, Sahiwal, Wehari, Mianwali, Mardan, Swat and Khanewal in our country.
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