Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Agriculture, forestry rule Alabama's economy

Over 4.3 million people have viewed the Dodge "Why God Made a Farmer" Super Bowl commercial praising farmers for their hard work and dedication to their field, and based on a new study, people in state of Alabama should be especially appreciative.

The study released Tuesday shows that agriculture and forestry contribute over $70 billion annually to Alabama's economy and accounts for 22 percent of the state's workforce.

"Another way to look at it, for every 4.6 jobs one of those jobs is directly related to employment in agriculture, forestry and related industries," explains Paul Brown, Associate Director of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System at Auburn University.

The study was a collaborative effort of the Agribusiness Council, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Auburn University and other businesses.

It provides credible facts that can be used as advocates for the state's farmers, agribusiness and rural landowners.

"The purpose of this study was to really hold out that unseen activity in a way we could quantify it and help leaders and policy makers in the state really see the importance of agriculture, forestry and related industries and the future investments we need to make in those industries to keep them strong in our state for the future," states Brown.

The results of this study are great news for students who want to enter the agricultural job market.

"It's good to know especially that there is always going to be jobs and it's a growing economy and it's not depleting or anything and you can only go further from here," explains Laura Beth Guglielmni, Auburn student.

Guglielmni is from a fourth generation farm family studying agriculture economics at AU and realizes the importance of her future career.

"If we didn't have people going into agriculture where we could possibly end up and bad it could be so just that people are starting to realize how big of a deal it is and how great of a field it is to go into is really exciting," says Guglielmni.
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