Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Exogenous Application of Insecticides Supplemented with Weedicides: A New Quick Action Approach to Vanish Insects and Weeds

Insecticides are commonly united with acaricides(for pathogenic mites),since they have same mode of action, so this group of pesticides called insectoacaricides.The term insecticide is used as short form of insectoacaricide like fungicides and herbicides, insecticides cause harmful effect on plants which cause losses in yield and decreased the yield quality(low the gluten contents).Combination of a non pyrethroid insecticide and a repellent are used against mosquito. The development of pyrethroid resistance in mosquito vector may reduce their personal use. Mixture of repellent(DEET) and non pyrethroid insecticide propoxur is widely used. Combination of propoxur and DEET create more mortality rate and knockdown effect than deltamethrin.Unfortunately the creation of pyrethroidgot resistance in most mosquito species in tropics. Knockdown resistance creates cross resistance to DDT and pyrethroids is now creating in mosquitoes.To reduce these problems for personal protection launch an alternative way to control them is the mixture of repellent(DEET) classic synthetic repellent and non-pyrethroid(propoxur) a carbamate insecticide which have low imitant properties and high insecticidal activity against insects. The mortality rate of Bora strain (96%) when treated with DEET –propoxur.The combination of propoxur (at LC30) and DEET (at sub lethal dose) showed more imitant properties than deltamethrin (at LC100) for both LHP and Bora mosquito strains. 

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