Thursday, 10 May 2012

Agricultural tool manufacturers demand withdrawal of GST

Agricultural tool manufacturers demand withdrawal of GST
DASKA, (SANA): The manufacturers of agriculture implements and machinery have appealed to the government to withdraw 16 percent General Sales Tax (GST) on agriculture tools and machinery in the interest of the industry.
Executive member of Pakistan Agricultural Machinery Implements Manufacturers Association (PAMIMA) and Executive member of Engineering Development Board Muhammad Iqbal Mughal while talking to SANA exclusively here on Wednesday said that the government has already reduced General Sales Tax (GST) from 16 percent to 5 percent on tractors, but 16 percent GST on agricultural machinery and inputs still stands.
He regretted that the sale of agri-tools and machinery dropped to 60 percent, adding that farmers prefer using traditional modes of agriculture due to lower costs. He has appealed to the government to exempt agri-tool and machinery from 16 percent General Sales Tax (GST) for smooth growth of the industry and agri-sector.
A progressive manufacturer, Asif Muhammad said that due to 16 percent GST on agricultural machinery and implements the sale was not encouraging. “Though Farm Mechanization for Food Security scheme was initiated by Punjab government but due to imposition of GST the growers were reluctant to purchase new machinery and doing farming with traditional modes”.
According to available information there are 96 small and big agri- tools manufacturing units in Daska and around it. Machinery likes wheat reaper, wheat thrashers, multipurpose reaper machines and land laser levelers, besides fodder cutters and wheat sowing machines are being manufactured in the area.

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