Thursday, 4 April 2013

Role of insect light trap in organic agriculture

Insect light trap is one of the very effective tools of insect pest management in organic agriculture as it mass-traps both the sexes of insect pests and also substantially reduces the carryover pest population.

Important pests

The key insect pests of cereal crops (rice, maize, sorghum), pulse crops (chickpea, pigeonpea, lentil, greengram), vegetable crops (okra, cauliflower, cabbage, tomato, brinjal), horticultural crops (mango, litchi, pomegranate, apple guava, coconut, banana) can be mass trapped by using the light trap.

Farmers must know that by attracting and killing one adult moth or insect they control around 300-400 insect progenies through them.

By monitoring the light traps they will know better what types of insect are there in the field and whether they are in controllable level or not.

Once the insect population in the light traps crosses a certain limit the farmer can decide on the type of pest management they have to take up. By keeping a light trap, one for every half an acre right from the beginning of planting the farmer can control almost all the insect pests that are trying to attack the crop. The light trap has undergone lots of changes from its simple beginning as a kerosene lamp kept in front of a cloth sheet or water container to electrically operated ones to battery operated now.

The ordinary light trap consists of an electric bulb emitting yellow light as attractant and a funnel to direct lured insects into a container containing water.

A biotech company called Romvijay Biootech has developed a light weight, portable, battery-operated, remote and timer operated light trap.

LED bulb

The light trap has been fitted with yellow light emitting LED bulbs for longer life and much brightness. The inbuilt battery is chargeable and one charge will keep the light glowing for about eight hours.

Farmers are advised to keep one light trap for every half an acre during the dusk hours (6 pm to 9 pm) when the insects are very active.

The cost of the light trap is Rs 600 and those interested can ontact Mr. Abdul Khader, Safs organic enterprises on Phone: 0413-2271915 or mobile: 09488591915.
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