Friday, 18 May 2012

US committed to improving farmers' business capacity: diplomat

The US will provide support to local farmers with programmes to build their business capacity and generate higher incomes was an important element of its commitment to promote economic development of Pakistan, US Consul-General Nina Fite said on Friday.
She was speaking at the concluding session of a three-day training programme 'GlobalGAP Train the Trainer Programme' organised by Agribusiness Support Fund under USAID's Agribusiness Project.

As many as 30 people from the livestock sector participated in the training held in collaboration with M/s FoodPlus GmbH of Germany.

The program trained the participants in GlobalGAP certification, a standard for dairy and meat export required by many European and international markets.

Nina Fite maintained that higher incomes would improve farmers' lives and the lives of their families.
"Programs, like this USAID-funded training, will have a direct and positive impact on the lives of Pakistanis through the promotion of livestock entrepreneurship," the US diplomat said.

She regretted that Pakistan's current level of livestock exports was very low and the training program was the first step to improve exports.

She hoped that it would go a long way in improving the livestock management in this country.
Agribusiness Support Fund's (ASF) Chief Executive Officer Khalid Khan highlighted various projects being carried out by his organisation for the benefit of the farmers' community, including ones in livestock, agriculture and horticulture sectors.

Dr Roland (trainer) and Dr Dilshad (representatives of the participants) shared their experiences of the programme.

Global Good Agricultural Practices (GlobalGAP) is an international private body that sets voluntary international standards for certification of agricultural production processes.

Certification under GlobalGAP is becoming increasingly important and a requirement of most retailers in European and international markets.

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