Friday, 11 May 2012

Sunflower Plant Diseases

Asst Director of Media Liaison Unit of Department of Agriculture Punjab Mr Ishaq Lashari has advised farmers to cultivate sunflower as it not only gives steady returns but also beneficial for the contribution in local edible oil production. 

Typically sunflower seeds contains 40% of good quality edible oil. The quality of that oil is usually better than the palm oil counterpart.

The good returns of the crop is heavily dependent on the health of the plants. There are several diseases which attacks the sunflower during growth phase and flower blooming. 

Media Liaison Unit Multan advised farmers to take extra care of the crop in order to benefit the crop fully. Below discuss common diseases for sunflower plants.
Stem and Root Rot
Stem and root rot is very severe disease which can destroy plant. This disease attacked the lower part of the plant. The diseased plant remain dwarf and seed production is also low in the victim.

In order to avoid this disease farmers must avoid the dryness and irrigate plant frequently as needed on time.
Burning of Leaves
This disease hits the pollination process and which stops in the affected plant.
Flower Rot
Flower rot is also a dangerous disease in which flower detached from the plant after rotting. The rotting is caused by the cuts and wounds created by pests and birds. This disease attacks when the crop is near to the harvest. 

The remedy of this disease is regular pest scouting, and in keeping birds away from the field 

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