Tuesday, 15 May 2012

600 Gujarat farmers fly to Israel to learn agriculture technology

By: Himansh Dhomse
With the aim of learning about new agriculture technology, as many as 600 farmers from Gujarat have travelled to Tel Aviv, Israel to attend the Agritech Exhibition. The 18th international agricultural exhibition, which is held once every three years, is likely to see participation of more than 2,000 farmers from India, including 600 from Gujarat.
The farmers from Gujarat are eyeing better quality of crop as well as more produce with lesser use of water and pesticides. “It is for the first time that such huge participation of farmers from India including Gujarat has been seen at the Agritech Exhibition in Israel. From Gujarat and Maharashtra alone, over 1,200 farmers - 600 from each state - are participating,” said CEO of Radeecal Communications, Sanyal Desai.
Radeecal Communications is one of the companies representing India at the exhibition. Apart from these farmers, BJP president Nitin Gadkari as well as Haryana chief minister, Bhupinder Singh Hooda is likely to attend the event.
Meanwhile, at the Agrivest Summit held on Monday in Tel Aviv, agriculture experts and economists of Israel said that India has a lot to learn about agri-technology from Israel. India and Israel can both learn a lot from each other, said Eugene Kandel, head of National Economic Council — Prime Minister’s Office, Israel.
“Israel has transformed itself into a green country from a desert. We have faced huge issues including scarcity of water, food and energy. But by making efficient use of agriculture technology, Israel, spread across 22,000 sq km area with 4,20,000 hectare arable land, the country pacing ahead in terms of agriculture,” said Kandel while addressing the Agrivest Summit.
Talking about economic ties between Israel and India, Kandel said that there is much more potential in trade growth between the countries.
"Israel can learn about entrepreneurship skills from India. India handles a different set of issues such as size of the country, needs and demands, and cost of labour, which Israel can learn from. So the collaboration of the two has a huge growth potential," said Kandel.
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