Thursday, 12 February 2015

IRSA increases outflow from Tarbela, Mangla by 18,000 cusecs

The Indus River System Authority increased outflows from Tarbela dam on the river Indus by another 10,000 cusecs and from Mangla dam on the river Jhelum by 8,000 cusecs on Wednesday to augment hydel power generation and crop irrigation water. The water regulatory body is now discharging 35,000 cusecs water downstream the Tarbela dam and 38,000 cusecs downstream the Mangla dam for power generation and running the canals across the country.

Punjab Irrigation engineers told Business Recorder that Punjab has put up its indent for drawing its share of water from Indus zone off Chashma and Taunsa barrages to reopen the canals on Sunday after a month long closure in south Punjab. They said that IRSA was discharging more than 90,000 cusecs water into the canal irrigation network to meet water needs of the provinces. The river Kabul is contributing 11,600 cusecs and the river Chenab 6700 cusecs water.

According to WAPDA's 11th February report, the Sindh province is receiving 35,900 cusecs at Guddu barrage, 30,200 cusecs at Sukkur barrage and 9,400 cusecs at Kotri barrage to irrigate winter crops including wheat, oil seeds, grams, winter vegetables and fodder for livestock in addition to drinking purposes.
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