Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Agriculture : Romania has for the first time exported organic maize to America

Romania could become an important supplier of organic raw materials for animal fodder to the United States of America, given that it has for the first time this year exported organic maize to America, Chairman of the Bio-Romania Association of Organic Farm Operators Marian Cioceanu told Agerpres on Sunday.
'Romania has recorded a big success as a result of its last year's participation in Biofach Baltimore, one of the largest organic farm conventions in the US. Although exports were no more than just some containers, I think it is marvellous for a European country to have exported maize to the motherland of maize, the US, this proving the huge potential of the Romanian agriculture to produce under an organic system. The first cargo arrived there two months ago and more maize will leave for the US market from the current crops,' said Cioceanu.

He added that no matter how much genetically modified wheat and maize Romania grows, the local farmers will be unable to enter the American markets with products cheaper than those made in Argentina or Brazil.

This year, Romania is taking part for the second time in Biofach America, one of the largest organic agricultural conventions in America to be held September 20-23 in Baltimore. There will be 11 Romanian companies displaying in the convention this year, compared with seven in 2011.

Showcased at the Romanian pavilion will be organic products including cereals (wheat, maize, barley, soybean), vegetables, oilseed plants, honey, bee products, wild berries, organic bread and bakery products, some of them kosher certified, organic wines and grapes as well as organic cosmetics.
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